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1 Reservation = 10% you pay to the Nonprofit Partner, 90% later at check-in

Are you into changing the world or changing destinations? Greetings!

Are you part of the dream team that fights for human rights, health, equality, and the environment, all while giving a high-five to Mother Nature? On GROUPnTRAVEL, your organization can partner with preferred holiday rentals and thereby receive direct sponsorships from tourists for every booking made. A fantastic way to raise funds for your causes!
Are you the mastermind behind unforgettable tours and the local event extraordinaire for your region? Get ready to dazzle tourists with hidden gems and make your tourism association proud!
Hop over to the GROUPnTRAVEL partner's page and get your organization registered. Once you're up and running, you'll be all set to team up with your preferred accommodations!

Collaborating Nonprofit Organizations and Associations

Into hospitality hustle? Craving fee relief? We've got your back!

While modern platforms often prioritize new tourists, let's not forget those who consistently return with delight. 😎 Why spend 💰 extra on the familiar? With GROUPnTRAVEL, you can harness the power of loyal tourists and their friends ⭐, all without additional costs.
Join today, give GROUPnTRAVEL a spin, and invite tourists with no strings attached. Say goodbye to booking commissions initiated by your own social media fans!

Sign up and manage your property's account for free!

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When someone calls and asks about available rooms tell them to create a Reservation Idea
When someone asks how much the stay will cost tell them to create a Reservation Idea
When companies inquire about teambuilding and travel planning tell them to create a Reservation Idea
Create and share an offer and encourage people to have Reservation Ideas
Spread the word in your community and with your followers and let everyone create unlimited Reservation Ideas

Create your own reservation ideas or join your friend's ideas

Nothing is more fun than a shared holiday plan. Invite your friends to make lasting memories