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Do you run accommodations?

Encourage your guests to create reservation ideas

You are present on social media and you make friends with many tourists. But how do you encourage them to return? When to book? How do you help them organize a journey?
What if they may "have" an idea? ...and that idea to become a reservation. ...and what if they could invite their friends to join? This idea will turn not just into a simple reservation, but into a group reservation
Suggest they create a reservation idea
no charge | no credit card needed
GROUPnTRAVEL has no fees. You can have unlimited reservation ideas. Use them to attract friends and acquaintances!
*GROUPnTRAVEL is not a tour operator or a travel agent and does not financially intermediate the bookings.

We host 🧡
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Register a property ⭐ GROUPnTRAVEL is a freemium direct booking platform solution

Register a property and invite the tourists and everyone who knows and likes your location to create reservations ideas at your guesthouse. All bookings start from an idea.
Our intent is to provide the ability to manage reservations in a minimalist manner — but at no cost — to all properties registered in the platform. Booking ideas are part of these free services.

Save on booking fees

GROUPnTRAVEL recommends that the payment should be done directly to the host, at check-in. GROUPnTRAVEL is not a tour operator and does not financially intermediate property bookings. Thus, no commission is charged for the reservation ideas.
All our services are offered free of charge. GROUPnTRAVEL assumes no responsibility for the use of data or information available on this website, document or email. The data here is provided for information only.


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Here's THE PLAN: FROM paying fees TO saving money and helping others
Register your account and fill in the information about your place to stay
Add the beneficiary partner organization
Add all your partner travel associations
Invite your followers to create reservation ideas
Confirm with your beneficiary each contribution made by your guests
Your help on fundraising will inspire others
Stop paying booking fees for your followers. Connect and register now

Reservation ideas — direct bookings

The booking ideas help tourists plan and book their holidays, while sharing and finding inspiration among friends. Every idea can bring you other bookings.
Every reservation starts with an idea. Today, using the reservation ideas mechanism you can offer tourists, acquaintances or Facebook fans, the opportunity to create unlimited number of reservation ideas.
Idea ›Booking ›Confirmation ›

GROUPnTRAVEL Reservation Ideas

Pay on arrival, at the reception or directly to the host*

*GROUPnTRAVEL is not a tour operator or a travel agent and does not financially intermediate the bookings.

Manual bookings

Manual bookings are registered by you or by any other administrator of your property. When tourists call to make a reservation or when you receive a reservation by email, you can enter it in the system, to update the availability of rooms or to have an estimation of the bill that can be sent to tourists.

Group offers and stay packages

You have the option to create multiple types of offers, discount, group offers or stay packages to attract tourists who already know the place or those who follow your page, along with their friends or colleagues.
Create offers during off season to attract tourists and groups of tourists you can create group offers or complete stay packages.

The reservation ideas are offered at no cost to either tourists and properties.

Mobile friendly booking calendar

Here's what your own calendar will look like, where you can manually manage and centralize your reservations, privately and at no cost.

Your property can have its own calendar for online bookings where you can easily manage all your reservations. Anytime, anywhere you can view, introduce, modify and confirm reservations, conveniently administrating your accommodation space. The calendar is also accessible from any device, computer, tablet or smartphone.


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Payment estimate for check-in

The platform automatically calculates a payment estimate for all bookings, based on the rates registered by the manager on the platform, for rooms or for the entire location, depending on the season, the days of the week and the current offers.
Using the reservation data in the calendar, the platform estimates the bill and notes that can be printed or emailed. Thus, each of the reservations can be confirmed by email together with the payment estimate.

Tourist attractions

Add sightseeing nearby. This way you will appear in more search results and tourists will have a better picture of the surroundings.

The property's dedicated web pages

You benefit from a number of pages dedicated to your property, pages that you can share with your friends on social media to encourage them to create unlimited reservation ideas.
We all agree that the most credible recommendation comes from friends and close circles. Help everyone who has already crossed the door of your location to recommend you to their circles of friends and be initiators of the reservation ideas or even larger group bookings.

Are you the administrator of a bed&breakfast or holiday rental? Then You are the main beneficiary of this platform!

Think of your tourists from the following 2 perspectives:
− How much you pay for a new tourist?
− How do you encourage tourists you already host to make the next reservations?
A social media post or newsletter can give them an idea. But what about the reservation itself? By phone, by email can be confirmed, but the distance from your initial message or newsletter to the actual booking is a bit longer...
We are here to help you!
That's how we thought about reservation ideas. To benefit from an booking mechanism, completely free, through which you can recommend acquaintances to create reservation ideas as no obligations — early bookings.
Today GROUPnTRAVEL offers you the opportunity to invite all these tourists with whom you have fostered friendship to create reservation ideas for your property. The ideas are saved and, even more, they can bring you groups of friends. Any tourist satisfied with the services will tell their experiences and will bring you new tourists.

Here are 5 reasons WHY to use GROUPnTRAVEL and have Reservations Ideas created

1. Attract your social media followers and encourage them to create unlimited reservation ideas
2. Save on book fees! GROUPnTRAVEL is free to use. No hidden fees
3. Tourists can plan the bed occupancy within the vacant rooms
4. Grow your guest network through the friends of loyal tourists
5. Gain long-term trusting clients by focusing on group experiences
*GROUPnTRAVEL is not a tour operator or a travel agent and does not financially intermediate the bookings.

Create your own reservation ideas or join your friend's ideas

Nothing is more fun than a shared holiday plan. Invite your friends to make lasting memories