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You can spot us strolling the avenues, taking the subway 🚇, chasing the bus 🚌 or catching the train 🚂, enjoying the greenery of parks 🌳, cycling through the surroundings 🚴‍♂️ or conquering mountains 🏔️. Our destination is not Mars; we are firmly rooted on Earth.

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Swing by our Facebook page to catch all the platform buzz, hit us up for extra info, 📣 or just drop some A+ feedback our way. We're all ears!
Through the model, we connect business profit and the purpose of nonprofit organizations. On GROUPnTRAVEL, we match the tourism industry with the impact on nonprofit communities, and with your help, we connect CSR enthusiasts with the heroes of non-profit organizations. Find us on LinkedIn

Our community

We've established a Facebook group to engage with administrators, owners, and the champions of registered non-profit organizations. Here, we'll unravel the mysteries of managing accounts and pages. Witness the suspenseful queries from fellow owners or advocates of noble causes, share your creative vision, and dive into lively discussions with other industry comrades. Let's forge a community that makes a difference! 🚀🏢🦸‍♂️🌟


An Extraordinary Decision Awaits: ✨
"Go to Mars 🔴"
"Stay on Earth 🌍"
− Embark on a Galactic Voyage with Successful Businesses 💰 following the Profit
− Stay & Impact: Make a Difference 🌱 on Earth's Present & Future!
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