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1 Reservation = 10% you pay to the Nonprofit Partner, 90% later at check-in
Do you have any plans for the next weekend? If not, create an idea with a destination, share it with your friends and see... what comes out!
It was voted and you have selected the place to stay. From now on, everyone chooses their room and, in fact, their bed. The booking is coming...
You have sent the reservation request. Once you receive the confirmation, you can enjoy en avant 😊 what will happen next.

No plans? Start with an idea!

Create your teambuilding idea

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Pick your favourite hotel or bed&breakfast
Pick the dates and the rooms for all your colleagues
Review and create the reservation idea
Share with your colleagues the idea and ask them to choose their rooms
Send the booking request and await confirmation
Payment* upon arrival at check-in
*GROUPnTRAVEL is not a tour operator or a travel agent and does not financially intermediate the bookings.

Create your own reservation ideas or join your friend's ideas

Nothing is more fun than a shared holiday plan. Invite your friends to make lasting memories