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Asociația mea

Asociația mea

Organization: Asociatia mea SRL
Tax Identification Number: 986750
Contact: Numele meu

Gather your friends together!

Every stay reserved at these holiday rentals is like a ticket to fun and impact! Support our causes now in the most awesome way possible! Start with a reservation idea! 🙌

Do you run accommodations?

🤝 Join us in creating a remarkable impact partnership! Let's make a difference together! 🤗
Through this collaboration, you're not just providing a quality accommodation experience, but also embracing a powerful social cause. We invite you to allocate 10% of the value of each booking to our non-profit organization. These contributions, seen as a deposit towards their lodging experience, will be made directly by the tourists into our organization's account, serving as a confirmation of their commitment. Together, we can make a significant impact in the community, bringing smiles to those in need.
Let's build a world of hospitality together with a strong social footprint! 🏨🤝🌍

Asociația mea − partner accommodations

Muntele, Sinaia, 98987, Romania
The 10% deposit goes directly 💰 to Asociația mea, 90% you pay at check-in. Voilà! You unleash your deposit magic, and we'll 🛌 get the pillows all fluffy and ready!
73 Rooms, 74 Apartments 
Rates starts from
 250.00 RON  / Room
... because nonprofits take care of your community, but who's taking care of them?

Create your own reservation ideas or join your friend's ideas

Nothing is more fun than a shared holiday plan. Invite your friends to make lasting memories