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Do you run a Nonprofit?

On GROUPnTRAVEL, Nonprofits can collaborate with Hotels or Holiday Rentals as:
   ◾ Beneficiaries (receiving sponsorships from bookings)
   ◾ Tourism advocates (certification or promotion)
With GROUPnTRAVEL you can fundraise in 5 easy steps. Join now to start connecting and create partnerships for your NGO!
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Visit GROUPnTRAVEL and register your organization
Invite your favourite accommodations to register on GROUPnTRAVEL, using your unique code
Confirm your NGO partnerships with the host
Invite your followers to book at the same place, listed on your GROUPnTRAVEL organization page
On GROUPnTRAVEL tourists make sponsorships for bookings
Confirm every sponsorship received, for each reservation agreed between the guests and the hosts

Collaborating Nonprofits

Is your organization a nonprofit supporting social causes, or a travel association?
On GROUPnTRAVEL, the Nonprofits team up with accommodations either as beneficiaries receiving sponsorships from bookings or as tourism advocates certifying and promoting partner stays. Impressive, right? 👏
Connect and register your organization as a partner
Form partnerships, inspire individuals to generate booking concepts, and relish the perks!
Partner with hotels, bed & breakfasts, holiday rentals, and chalets.

Latest registered organizations

The Beneficiary Nonprofits

The beneficiares are those Nonprofits that support causes causes such as ChildrenHealthPoverty ReductionEquality and Human RightsEnvironment and NatureWelfare and Respect for all Living Things and will benefit from direct sponsorships for each confirmed reservation.
Simple. For each confirmed booking on GROUPnTRAVEL platform, the traveler, instead of paying a down payment, will be redirected to the Partnering Nonprofit of the Hotel or Holiday Rental, to make a direct sponsorship of approximately 10% of the estimated bill.
In a nutshell, 10% of Partner Accommodation booking value transforms into superhero sponsorships 🦸‍♂️🌟 for the cause.

The outcome? Benefits for Nonprofits with each confirmed reservation and a stay that begins with positive vibes for everyone...

👆 Limit of one partner beneficiary per host

Travel Associations

Do you want to elevate both tourism quality 🍀and the local community? Join and sign for the excellence of accommodations! We're addressing the following tourism associations:
   ◾ Local or global travel organizations
   ◾ Travel associations providing certification and quality assurance
   ◾ Local events and tourist destinations
   ◾ Travel associations focused on promoting accommodations
Join your organization and choose to support your favorite accommodations. 🤝
👆 A place to stay may have several travel associations that promote it or certify its quality and services.

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